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About The GNQS Project

The Generic NQS Project was originally setup to maintain the Generic NQS source tree.  

NQS itself can be traced directly back to NASA's COSMIC NQS, one of the first batch processing systems every released for UNIX operating systems.

Today, the project aims to:

  • Keep GNQS working on the latest and greatest UNIX systems.
  • Provide high-quality documentation for GNQS.
  • Provide support resources for the GNQS user community.

To do this, the project provides this web site to hold all the information we've ever published about GNQS.  The project also provides mailing lists, where you the user can be kept informed, can seek help, and contribute to the new versions of GNQS.

This is an open project.  Your contribution is very welcome.

You can learn more about Generic NQS itself here.


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