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The materials produced by the Generic NQS project are not in the public domain.  They are subject to copyright and licensing.

Generic NQS Copyright Statement

The Generic NQS software is

Copyright 1985 NASA
Copyright 1992 - 1994 John Roman, Monsanto Company
Copyright 1994 - 1996 The University Of Sheffield
Copyright 1996 - 1999 Stuart Herbert

Portions contributed by the NQS User Community.
Portions developed with the support of the University of Sheffield.

Released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License

The Generic NQS web site is

Copyright 1998 Stuart Herbert
Individual articles are copyrighted by the authors.

Documentation is published under the Generic NQS Documentation Copyright.

Introducing The Copyright Terms
(Taken from "Licensing For Generic NQS")

Generic NQS is provided "as is", with no warranty either given or implied. If you use this software, you do so completely at your own risk. This software works for us, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you.

Generic NQS is released under version 2 of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License [more].

Under the terms of this license, you are free to download any version of Generic NQS you wish, and to install as many versions of Generic NQS on as many computers as you wish, without having to pay the maintainers of Generic NQS any fee at all. In addition, the General Public License allows you to make any modifications to Generic NQS that you see fit, and it allows you to distribute any modified version of Generic NQS as well.


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