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Mailing Lists

As a service to our users, we offer a number of mailing lists via the Mailbase service [more].


The NQS-Announce list is a moderated list where Stu or Naomi will post announcements about new releases of Generic NQS or the documentation.  This is a very-low bandwidth list; all GNQS system administrators are strongly encouraged to subscribe to this list.

Click here to learn more about this mailing list.


The NQS-Support list is the place to ask (or answer!) questions about how to install or configure GNQS.  This can be a busy list (especially after a new release), and if you don't need any help and cannot spare the time to help anyone else, this list may be too busy for you.

Click here to learn more about this mailing list.


The NQS-Developers list is where Stu discusses new releases of Generic NQS with you the user before they are released.  It's also the place to ask for that favourite new feature you'd like to see.  This list isn't busy at the moment, but as work on Generic NQS v4 gathers pace, it should pick up a bit.

Click here to learn more about this mailing list.


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