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Generic NQS is work which is supported by volunteers in their spare time.  You have no guarantees that anyone will have the time to look at any problems you may have, never mind successfully provide you with a solution.

Please try to exhaust all other resources before emailing Stu.  We are working very hard to improve the resources available from here to help with this.

If there's something you really need GNQS to do, or a problem you really need fixed, you can always think about hiring Stu [more].

Available Resources

The following resources are available to Generic NQS users:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document

I'm now starting to compile a list of all of the questions which seem to crop up either on the mailing list [more] or in my inbox [more].

  • NQS-Support Mailing List

The NQS-Support mailing list [more] is the best place to ask questions about installing, configuring, and using production releases of Generic NQS.  In fact, by sending your questions to the list, you can normally get a quicker answer than if you send them directly to me.

Anyone encountering problems with pre-production releases should send their questions to the NQS-Developers mailing list [more].

  • Reporting Bugs

Generic NQS, like any piece of software, has bugs.  Fixing bugs is probably our top priority, so we really want to hear about them!

This page contains a list of all bugs reported since Sept 1999 (so it's a little empty at the moment).  The page also contains full details about what information we need from you when you report a problem.

  • Requesting New Features

Generic NQS doesn't do everything (no, it won't ever make the toast - sorry!).  If you've got an idea for something new, this page has a list of all requested new features, as well as information about whether I'm planning to add them or not ;-).  The page also includes instructions on how to request new features.

If That Doesn't Work For You ...

... then, as a last resort, you can mail me.  

I get a lot of email every day, and I'm very accomplished at missing important messages as a result.  Please put 'GNQS' in your subject line to help me spot your message.  It may take a couple of (working) days for me to get back to you, as I'm often away on business.

If I haven't answered your email within a week, chances are I've missed your message.  Please don't hesitate to resend your message.

I'm sorry I can't always turn around email as quickly as we'd all like, but my work on Generic NQS is most definitely a hobby, and has absolutely nothing to do with my day job.


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