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The Generic NQS project needs you!

Here's a list of the areas where we're looking for help.  If anything catches your eye, the necessary contact details are on the relevant page.

If you want to help, but don't see anything here, then please contact me - I'm sure we can work something out ;-)


This is the part I like ;-)

Seriously, I'm always looking for hardware donations, especially platforms I currently don't have access to.

Click here for more details.

Platform Maintainers

Do you fancy maintaining the platform-specific code for your favourite UNIX operating system?  I'm looking for experienced software developers to maintain some of the darker parts of Generic NQS.

Click here for more details.

Tech Writers

Generic NQS needs documentation - we practically have none!

If you fancy writing a manual (or part of one!) for Administrators or Users, click here for more details.


I'm looking for two different things here - people to test new releases on certain platforms, and people to help design and write a formal test suite for Generic NQS.

Click here for more details.


Articles from existing GNQS users, describing their experiences with Generic NQS, are always most welcome.

Click here for more details.


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