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From here, you can access all of the files published by the Generic NQS project.

Available Platforms

We maintain a list of platforms that Generic NQS has worked on over the years, so that you can see whether your version of UNIX is supported or not.  It's impossible to keep this list right up to date, but it should be a useful guide.

Click here for a list of available platforms.


Generic NQS is licensed under v2 of the GNU General Public License.  Further details can be found here.

Explanation Of The Version Numbers

Original releases of COSMIC NQS by NASA are numbered v1 and v2.  It is no longer known how many sub-versions of COSMIC NQS were released.

All releases of Monsanto NQS up to v3.36 are numbered v3.<release-number>.  There are 36 releases of Monsanto NQS, made by John Roman.

All releases of Monsanto NQS from v3.36 onwards are numbered v3.<minor-release>.<patch-level>.  There were two minor releases (v3.36.x, and v3.37.x) made by Stuart Herbert.

All releases of Generic NQS from v3.40 onwards are numbered v3.<minor-release>.<patch-level>.  These are stable, production-quality releases.  Pre-production, or development quality releases, are numbered v3.<minor-release>.<patch-level>-<pre-release number> (e.g. 3.50.5-pre1).

All releases of Generic NQS v3.50.x, from v3.50.7 onwards, have come from the GNQS_Stable source tree.  Nightly snapshots of the GNQS_Stable source tree are available from here.

A GNQS_Devel source tree also exists, where experimental work is carried out.  No releases have yet been made from the GNQS_Devel tree.  Nightly snapshots are available here.

Current Production Release

Production releases of Generic NQS are stable, robust versions suitable for you to install and use on your computer systems.  Since v3.50.6, they have been restricted to bug fixes, and functionality that has first been tested in the GNQS_Devel source tree.

The current production release of Generic NQS is always available from here

Current Pre-Production Release

Note: There isn't always a pre-production release.  This is especially true immediately after a new production release!

The current pre-production release of Generic NQS is always available from here.

Files Archive

We keep online the source code to all versions of Generic NQS and Monsanto-NQS released by Stuart Herbert.

The files archive can be found here.

Mailing List

To keep abreast of news and new releases, please subscribe to the NQS-Announce mailing list [more].


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