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The year 2000 marks new beginnings, both for Generic NQS and me personally.

With Generic NQS, we now have two very different versions.  v3.50.x will remain as our production release, and will probably continue as the version to use for this year and next.  We are being very careful to ensure that only bug fixes (and useful but small new features) are added to this release, to further ensure its robustness.

v3.52.x, on the other hand, will mark the start of our new experimental releases, as we begin the much-needed task of re-engineering Generic NQS for the future. At the time of writing, the improved installation software is almost done - we'll shortly be able to look at the new configuration file format.  The future plans document has more detail about what we plan to do.

Maintenance of Generic NQS has also seen a new beginning.  It's now possible (through the use of Perforce - similar to CVS) for anyone to have access to the master copy of the Generic NQS source code.  This means that I'm no longer the bottleneck I've been in the last couple of years, and Generic NQS should move forward at a faster pace as a result.  It's also possible to log bug reports online, via Bugzilla.

For me personally, the time has come to give up my business interests, and find a job working for someone else.  This is partly caused by a UK Government tax change known as IR35, a particularly unpleasant measure that attempts to tackle a reasonable aim with unreasonable methods.  It's also partly caused by Intel headhunting my business partner - I think most of us would have jumped ship for the package he was able to get ;-)

But the main reason is that Kristi and I are looking to buy a house together as soon as possible.  Sorting out the new house, and then settling down in a new place are going to place great demands on my time.  And my sanity ;-)

January 2000


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