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Alternatives To Generic NQS

Generic NQS isn't for everyone.  It never will be (although we're working on that ;-).  So, on this page, you can find links to other batch processing products.

If you know of a product which is missing from here, then please let me know.

Freely Available Products

Here are links to the homepages of various batch processing systems which are freely-available from the Internet:


    Like Generic NQS, CERN NQS is derived from the original COSMIC NQS source code.

  • University of Wisconsin CONDOR

    CONDOR is most notable for its' ability to checkpoint jobs and move them from one machine to another.

    Unfortunately, CONDOR is only free for non-commercial use, and does not include source code.

  • GNU Queue

    The new kid on the block ;-) GNU Queue is considered particularly strong at the management of interactive processes.

    This product is being actively developed, and could well replace Generic NQS as the freely-available batch system of choice.

Commercial Products

The following links go to the homepages of companies which I know currently provide commercial solutions for batch processing on UNIX (or Windows NT).

I'm sure that there are plenty more such products out there ...

Independent Reviews

Don't know which batch processing system suits you the best?  Then try one of the following independent reviews below:

This is my unashamedly-preferred review, simply because it is not biased towards parallel computation.

Last time I looked, the current review document was here.


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