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Stu's Diary - February 1999


  • 27th February 1999
  • 17th February 1999

27th February 1999

To say that GNQS 3.50.5 is proving very frustrating would be an understatement!

One of the changes made to GNQS has broken file staging - where the output files from a job are returned back to the machine where the job was first submitted.  But I've no idea which change, as there isn't a change which should affect this area :(

17th February 1999

It's been a while since my last diary entry - my apologies.

Things have been very hectic, partially on the GNQS front, and partially on the day-job front.

I'm still on target for a release of GNQS v3.50.5 by the end of February.  There are a couple of documentation things to tidy up - mainly getting the appropriate credits listed in the CHANGES file - and incorporating my Year2000 fix.

However, I have been struggling somewhat, mainly because I've been having difficulties with using CVS.  I've been trying to use CVS to track what I've been doing as I integrate all the patches into v3.50.5, and it's caught me out on a few things, some of which I'm sure are deliberate, some of which I'm not sure about at all.  Anyway, the long and the short of it is that, after -pre2 went out the door with a different set of files to what I was expecting, I've ditched it for now :(

I've also been busy overhauling the web site, mainly because I get more email about missing content on the web site than I do about GNQS itself.   It still isn't ready to upload, but it's almost there.

Come 1st March, I hope to be able to start posting some of the ideas I have for GNQS v4.  My first priority is to try and put together a good requirements document, listing just what people need GNQS v4 to do.  And what they don't think is important.  From that, we'll be able to produce a good design, one which doesn't have any of GNQS v3's problems.

The other thing I want to do is to get some time working on CODA.  We've built a CODA server, but the performance (or lack thereof) was quite a shock - and we had our nice motherboard up to its maximum of 386Mb of RAM too.  If only we can get the performance up to spec, it would certainly make life a lot easier for me right now.


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