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Stu's Diary - November 1999

Tuesday, 23rd November 1999

Back to the doctor's, as the pain in my back seems to be getting worse not better :(  I'm now on a course of anti-inflammatories, and if they're not having much of an effect in a week's time, I have to go back for them to start looking for more serious damage.

I'm hoping the prescription does the trick, so that I can get back to enjoying everything I can't really do at the moment.  Especially after two days of daytime television!  Since Sunday, I've been propped up in bed with a laptop, tapping away at stuff for GNQS.  I should really be working on the web software (commercial project to earn some food tokens), but it's a lot easier to bit at GNQS throughout the day.

Must admit that I'm quite pleased with how things are going since I put the Perforce server up.  Only Michael and Roman have asked for write-access, and only Michael has added any patches so far (and boy has he been busy!) but this is something I should have done a long time ago.

I've put together the first draft of the NQS Network Protocol document.  Needs a lot of work before it's complete, but at least now others can see what NQS is supposed to do on a network.  I've also been steadily working on getting the GSetup software working.  I don't have a complete model for how it is supposed to work, so I'm approaching it a stage at a time.  I've got the command-line switch stuff partially working, and I hope to get GConfig working by the weekend.

Overnight snapshots are now available on the FTP site.  Unfortunately, there's a typo in my script, which means that the diffs aren't working yet, but I'll get around to fixing that on Wednesday.

Friday, 19th November 1999

Well, Perforce is now in place, and I've updated the website to include auto-generated changelists, bug reports, and enhancement requests.  I confess that I discarded all the old bug reports and enhancement requests, because by 1am on Saturday morning it's just too late to be doing with them.

Tuesday, 16th November 1999

I'm now feeling a lot better, and am looking forward to getting back involved with GNQS maintenance.  All being well, the Perforce source control server should be configured tonight, so that (for the very first time) it'll be possible for GNQS users to submit patches and fixes directly into the source tree.

I've been assessing my personal priorities since the car accident.  I've also been assessing how important GNQS is.  I don't use GNQS in my day job - I haven't for nearly three years now - and I think that shows through in the quality of some of the GNQS I've done recently.

So, as I've posted to the NQS-Announce mailing list, I'm going to be changing the focus of the work I do on GNQS, and this change may well mean that it's time for me to step down as Maintainer.


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