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Stu's Diary - December 1999

Thursday, 16th December 1999

Last week saw the release of GNQS v3.50.7, the checking in of the FreeBSD 3.3 port (which also seems to have sorted out our compilation problems on AIX 4.2 ;-), and the arrival of many a Linux distribution for me to test GNQS under.

This week has seen me suffering from some rather unpleasant bug :(  So not much will be happening at all this side of Christmas.

Saturday, 4th December 1999

Well, after another miserable week in bed, it looks like my back is starting to show significant improvement ;-) ;-)

I've spent this week getting GNQS to run under FreeBSD 3.3.  As FreeBSD claims POSIX.1-1990 compliance, this has been a good test of the POSIX.1 port of GNQS.  I've come across plenty of non-POSIX things in the POSIX.1 port, and once GNQS 3.50.7 is out, I'll get these fixes checked in.

The FreeBSD work has been done under VMWare; mainly because I've become too frustrated with trying to get various o/s's to co-exist (and actually boot from a boot-loader) on a standard large EIDE drive.

So, I've just ordered the latest version of al the major Linux distributions (Caldera, Debian, RedHat, Slackware and SuSE).  I'll get them all installed under VMWare, and then I can check that GNQS compiles and runs on all the major Linux distributions.


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