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Introducing Generic NQS

This short article, specifically written for, provides an introduction to Generic NQS - the topic of this web site.

What Is Generic NQS?

Generic NQS is an OpenSource™ batch processing system for UNIX operating systems.

Batch processing systems were traditionally used to share limited computing power between people.

Today, batch processing systems are also used to place work on workstations outside office hours.  This approach makes the most of your investment in costly UNIX workstations.  And, with the steady advance of UNIX for PC computers, you can combine Generic NQS and Linux to build processor farms for just a fraction of the price of commercial systems.

Where Does Generic NQS Come From?

Generic NQS can be directly traced back to COSMIC NQS, a batch processing system written for NASA in 1985/1986.

This makes Generic NQS one of the original batch processing systems for UNIX, along with a system called MDQS (which is still in use by the US armed forces).

Today, Generic NQS is maintained by individuals over the Internet, just like more famous products such as Linux, or the Apache web server.

What Is Generic NQS Good At?

Scheduling computer programs to run on a single computer, or a network of computers.

What Is Generic NQS Bad At?

Scheduling parallel processing.  The next major release of Generic NQS hopes to address this issue, but for now if you need to be able to do this, we recommend that you consider one of the alternatives.

Which Operating Systems Does Generic NQS Run On?

Over the years, Generic NQS has been reported to run on the following operating systems:

AT&T SVr4, AIX, Digital UNIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, Solaris, SunOS, ULTRIX, UNICOS

Much of the work in recent years has gone into making Generic NQS portable to as many different versions of UNIX as possible. 

If Generic NQS does not run on the operating system of your choice, and you're willing to provide us with an account on your computer over the Internet, let us know, and we'll happily port Generic NQS for you.

Where Can I Get Generic NQS From?

You can get Generic NQS from the following places:

  • Download the software from the Internet.

We hope to include future versions of Generic NQS with distributions of the Linux operating system.

We hope to include future versions of Generic NQS with distributions of the FreeBSD operating system.

What Do I Need To Use Generic NQS?

  • ANSI C Compiler

We supply Generic NQS as source code.  Your computer must include an ANSI C compiler.  This will turn the source code into computer software you can run.

Some versions of UNIX require you to pay extra to purchase an ANSI C compiler.

  • Root privileges

Generic NQS must be installed by your computer's system administrator.

Generic NQS can be used on a single computer, or a whole collection of computers connected via TCP/IP networks.

This Sounds Great!  How Much Does Generic NQS Cost?


You can download and use Generic NQS for anything you want, and you will owe us nothing at all.

Generic NQS is not public domain code.  Public domain code is not copyrighted.  Generic NQS is copyrighted.

Generic NQS is not shareware.  Shareware requires you to pay a fee to the copyright holders if you continue to use the software beyond a certain length of time (usually 30 days).  You can use Generic NQS for years, and you will still owe us nothing at all.

Generic NQS is distributed under the GNU General Public License.  This license guarantees your right to a copy of the Generic NQS source code.


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