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NQS-Support Mailing List

The NQS-Support mailing list is where GNQS users can discuss any problems or ask for advice about installation and configuration of Generic NQS.   This list is read by Stu; it is also read by many GNQS users who will probably be able to answer you sooner than Stu can.

I'd like to encourage GNQS users who don't need help to subscribe to this list, and answer the odd question which pops up.  It's a useful way of finding out how people are actually solving the issues GNQS creates, and it allows me to concentrate more on the code ;-)

This is a non-moderated list; anyone can (and is encouraged to) post to this list.

How To Subscribe

To subscribe to the NQS-Support mailing list, send the following email to

subscribe nqs-support <firstname> <lastname>

Mailing List Archives

Over a year's worth of mailing list archives are available online for you to view and search.

Click here for the mailing list archives.


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