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NQS-Developers Mailing List

NQS-Developers Mailing List

The NQS-Developers mailing list is where all discussion of pre-releases takes place.  Stu in particular is always keen to get feedback on what features need adding, and how well the previous pre-release worked when tested.

This list will also be used for all design and development discussion for the GNQS v4 release, starting March 1999.

This is a non-moderated list; anyone can (and is encouraged to) post to this list.

How To Subscribe

To subscribe to the NQS-Developers mailing list, send the following message to

subscribe nqs-developers <firstname> <lastname>

Mailing List Archives

Over a year's worth of mailing list archives are available online for you to view and search.

Click here for the mailing list archives.


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