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Reporting Bugs

How To Report A Bug

If you think you've got a problem with Generic NQS, please look at Bugzilla.

Please make sure than any bug reports include the following:

  • Your name, and a contact email address.
  • The operating system you are running Generic NQS on.
    We need this for every machine involved in your problem.
  • The version of Generic NQS you are running.
    It is impossible to fix your bug if this isn't accurate!
  • Details on what you believe the bug to be.
  • Instructions on how to duplicate the bug.
    Please make this as simple as possible - complex instructions can be difficult to follow without making mistakes.
  • A snap file (see qmgr) for each machine.
  • A logfile demonstrating the problem.
    This works best if you start a new logfile, and then run through your instructions to duplicate the problem.

Bugs will only be fixed if they are logged in Bugzilla.  By all means discuss the problem on the NQS-Support mailing list, but make sure you submit that bug report to Bugzilla first!

February 2000


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