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This page is all about the hardware I'm looking for to help me support Generic NQS even better than before.

On The Shopping List ...

Earlier in the year, I was interested in convincing SGI to donate a MIPS workstation or two running IRIX; unfortunately, they are now out of that business :(

At the moment, I'd like to convince Hewlett-Packard to donate a workstation or two to the project.  Or perhaps your company relies on GNQS running on HP-UX, and you'd like to see GNQS better supported or maintained?

I'm after at least one workstation, a C200 class or better.  Please - nothing slower!  The machine only needs 2Gb of disk space, and 64Mb of RAM, if I understand correctly.  It also needs to be able to run HP-UX 10.20, and it needs a license for HP-UX SoftBench.

Two workstations are always useful, as they allow me to investigate interoperability problems between HP-UX boxes.

I'm also interested in acquiring a Compaq's Alpha box or two, for running Linux/Alpha and (of course) DEC UNIX v4 and later.  However, this is a platform I know nothing about, so I've no idea what hardware is good for development, and what software licenses I'd need!

If you can donate any of the above (or anything else you'd like to see Generic NQS running on), then please contact me.  Please include details about yourself and the company you represent, what you wish to donate, and why!

Hardware Already Donated

Sun Microsystems have kindly donated two SPARC Ultra5 workstations (plus some software licenses) to the project.  Many thanks to Sun UK for the donation, and to all of the Generic NQS users who voiced their support for this to their account managers.


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