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Platform Maintainers

I've tried to make Generic NQS quite portable at the source level, but there's no getting away from the fact that GNQS still needs a fair bit of platform-specific code to do its job well.

I have access to some of the platforms [more], but not all of them.  And I'm not necessary an experienced developer for the platforms I do have access to!

I'm looking for experienced software developers, who would be willing to look after the non-portable code for their platform.  At first, you'll be involved in helping to separate out the non-portable code, so that it is easier for you to maintain.  You'll then be relied upon ;-) to ensure that this code works from GNQS release to GNQS release.

I'm also looking for software developers who can port GNQS to new platforms, or improve the support for an existing platform.

If you are interested, first of all please download the source code, so that you can see what you are getting into.  The Generic NQS source tree was started in 1985, and is not the prettiest place to work (yet - I'm working on that one!).  If you are still interested after you have seen the source, please contact me.  Please include details about yourself, and the platform you're volunteering to help maintain.


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