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How The Development Process Works

There isn't all that much to it, really.

The GNQS Maintainer has the master source tree.  He (or she) is responsible for incorporating all changes into the master source tree, and for publishing the master source tree.

The Maintainer will do their best to discuss any changes on the NQS-Developers mailing list before making them.  The Maintainer may even ask the members on the list to 'vote' on a particular issue.  However, the Maintainer can (and sometimes does!) choose to totally disregard the list if necessary, at the risk of upsetting the GNQS users.

Source tree releases will take one of two forms:

  • Pre-production release

This is a release with untested features; the release is made available so the changes can be tested by the wider GNQS developer community.

It is strongly recommended that users do not use a pre-production release on a production machine (unless, of course, they know what they are doing!)

Pre-production releases are always announced on the NQS-Developers mailing list.  A tar'd gzip'd source file is always uploaded to

  • Production release

This is a release which includes changes which have already been tested at the pre-production release stage.

Production releases are always announced on the NQS-Announce mailing list.  A tar'd gzip'd source file is always uploaded to  

Any release of GNQS must include releasing the source code.  This is a fundamental requirement of the GNU General Public License.


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