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Submitting Patches

If you have made a change to Generic NQS, and you want to share it with the world, you will need to submit a patch to the GNQS Maintainer.

I prefer to receive patches which meet the following criteria:

  • In diff -u format (not supported by most diffs; use diff -c instead)
  • Are taken by diffing your entire modified tree against a non-modified tree
  • Do not include files which you didn't modify
    (please read your diff and edit out the crap first!)
  • Include a patch against the CREDITS file
  • Make changes for only one purpose (ie 1 bug fix, 1 new feature, etc etc)
  • Make bug fixes against a production release, and new features against the very latest release (pre-production if available, production if not).

It saves me a lot of time (which means it goes into GNQS quicker, and you get a new GNQS release sooner) if you meet at least some of the above.  Don't worry - I appreciate all submissions, and won't reject a patch just because it doesn't meet the above.  I only reject patches if I disagree with the change they make!

Once you have your patch (or patches), you need to email them to me.  Please please please send them to the NQS-Developers list [more] rather than to me directly, unless you want your privacy preserved.

If you don't get an email from me saying which release your patch has gone into, I either haven't received your patch, or (far more likely) your patch has gotten lost in my inbox (I get far too much mail these days, not all of it GNQS related!).  You will need to remind me.


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